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Radiology Services for Pain

We use X-rays, MRIs, and CT scan reviews to find the source of your pain.

Our staff uses the latest imaging technology to determine the causes of your pain so we can provide safe and effective treatment.


An X-ray is the first step for most patients uncertain of the source of their chronic pain. X-rays are imaging techniques that help our team identify bone diseases, dislocations, fractures, infections, and tumors.


Our staff uses MRI scans to see detailed images of bones and softer structures inside the body to help you identify the cause of your pain. This allows us to diagnose bone and joint issues, herniated discs, and torn cartilage and ligaments.

CT Scan

We review CT scans, which are stronger X-rays designed to provide a 360-degree view of the body. Patients may have a contrast dye injected to let us clearly see possible pain areas in the spine, vertebrae, soft tissue, and internal organs.

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Learn about the source of your pain and find treatment.

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