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Back  and neck radiating  pain

Herniated disc

If you experiencing arm or leg pain, numbness or tingling or muscle weakness, you may have a herniated disc of the back or neck

Symptoms of herniated disc

A herniated disc (HC) can occurs anywhere along the spine. Most often, it is seen in the lower back but it also occur in the neck. About 80% of people experience back pain sometime during their lifetime. Very often this back and leg pain is caused by a HC that presses on the spinal cord and nerves. 

Patients with herniated disc can experience back or neck pain, arm or leg pain, numbness and tingling, or weakness of the extremities 

What causes Herniated Disc?

Between the vertebrae of your spine are soft discs. They let your spine twist and bend. They absorb shocks. But if damaged, the disc's soft center can push through the disc wall. That's a herniated disc. This bulge presses against nerves in your spine.

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