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Lumbar Sympathetic Block

Get your mobility back with a lumbar sympathetic block.

Missing out on activities you love due to discomfort is upsetting, but you have options. We treat leg pain to help patients return to their everyday activities and start the healing process.

What is a lumbar sympathetic block?

When performing a lumbar sympathetic block, your doctor will inject anesthetic into the nerves on either side of your spine to prevent them from transmitting pain information. This reduces leg pain and swelling and improves your mobility.

What to Expect from a Lumbar Sympathetic Block

The lumbar sympathetic block is an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthetic. Guided by X-rays, doctors insert a dye to test the distribution of medication, then inject the medication when they’ve determined it will spread properly.

After the lumbar sympathetic block, the treated leg will feel warm and you’ll likely feel a decrease in pain, which will last for several hours. Repeated injections are recommended, and the feelings of relief will last longer each time.

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