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Pain Medication Management

You can rely on our medication management services.

Want to manage your pain without depending on a prescription? We’re helping to combat the opioid crisis by promoting pain care methods that reduce the need for oral medication.

What medications are commonly prescribed for pain management?

Depending on the type and cause of your pain, different pain medications may be prescribed, including:

Anti-inflammatory medications to treat swelling
Opiates to treat chronic, acute, and cancer-related pain
Medication for cancer patients including anticonvulsants, antidepressants, and muscle relaxers

Many of these medications are taken orally, but we can assist patients in a management strategy that aids them in reducing pain and avoiding addiction.

Why choose pain medication management with LPC?

Our team of doctors and staff understand using medication to reduce pain can be difficult, especially when you’re concerned about addiction and misuse.

We provide management for opioids and other pain medication. Our pain care services are designed with the goal of reducing your need for medication and implementing other treatments to combat the effects of chronic or acute discomfort.

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