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Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant

Manage shoulder, knee and foot pain with a peripheral nerve stimulator implant.

If your chronic pain isn’t responding to conservative methods, a peripheral nerve stimulator implant may help you find relief and reduce the day-to-day medication you need.

What is a peripheral nerve stimulator implant?

Peripheral Nerve stimulator (PNS) is a neurostimulator with electrodes and a receiver that utilize wireless RF power. The science of the PNS is based on the fact that nerves can only carry one signal at the time. The PNS is placed near the peripheral nerve in your body, below the head and it sends non pain signal to the nerve, thus interfering with the pain signal.

These implants treat shoulder, knee, ankle and foot chronic  pain, problems resulting from surgery, and more. They help patients manage pain and decrease their use of opioids.

What to Expect from a Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Implant

Before the PNS is implanted permanently, the you will get try the PNS for 5 to 7 day trial period to determine if the therapy is effective for your chronic pain.   If you see improvement, a surgeon will insert a permanent peripheral nerve stimulator implant. Fitting though a needle incision allows for a placement with minimally invasive surgery, typically as an outpatient procedure. 

After receiving the permanent peripheral nerve stimulator implant, patients experience lasting relief from a variety of different causes of chronic pain.

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