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Nerve Block Injection

Reduce your pain and get your life back.

If you have chronic nerve pain that hasn't responded to more conservative treatments, nerve block injections may be right for you.

What are nerve block injections?

Nerve block injections are anesthetic or anti-inflammatory injections that decrease irritation or “turn off” a pain signal by targeting a certain nerve or group of nerves. These may include occipital nerve blocks for migraines, median nerve blocks for carpal tunnel syndrome, and genicular nerve blocks for arthritis-related pain.

What to Expect from Nerve Block Injections

A pain expert will prep the patient and guide him or her into the appropriate position depending on the targeted nerve. The specialist will inject the medication as close as possible to the problematic nerve or nerve tract. This medication will then “shut down” the pain receptors within the nerve(s).

As soon as the medication reaches your nerve, you should feel less discomfort. Sometimes, the needles have to be deeply inserted to reach the nerve causing the problem; this can be uncomfortable at first but quickly fades. While the injections only offer temporary relief, you may repeat them as needed.

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